Landmark Supreme Court Ruling On NHL


In a landmark ruling on Tuesday, the long running court case ‘National Hockey League (NHL) versus the Government of Canada’, the supreme court of Canada has ordered the NHL to lift its decades long ban on visible minorities. The controversial decision was reached on Tuesday with four of the justices in opposition and five in support. Right Honorable Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin who voted in support of the ruling, cited Canada’s civil rights and equal opportunity movements as a clear precedent for the ruling. “All Canadians, regardless of ethnicity should be allowed to try their fortunes in the NHL.” Beverly Mclachlin told The Lapine reporters.

Never the less, the progressive views of the Right Honorable Justice, and the majority of the supreme court; does not sit well with all Canadians. Pierre Motango, one of the lawyers for the NHL, framed his side with an argument of affirmative action.

“We, and by we I mean Canadians of Anglo-Saxon or French descent have, in the last few decades been forced out of almost every sport except hockey. We need this, it is, in athletics at least, all we have left. Affirmitive action is supported by most Canadians and enshrined in Canadian values.”

That argument though, was not enough for the Supreme Court of Canada which cited, among other things, the Canadian Human rights act of 1977 as a clear precedent for the case.

It is believed that this ruling will have much influence on, if not completely decide another the upcoming supreme court case, Canadian Curling Association (CCA) versus the Government of Canada. If the previous case is any indication, soon the ethnic makeup of curling teams shall also begin to shift.

One thing however is certain, Canadian sports will never be the same again.

Will Thatcher

Reporting for The Lapine





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