Majority of Men Secretly Want a Peek at Transplanted American Penis — Poll


Penis-Transplant-Manning-in-Hospital-SizedBOSTON — While admitting that the very idea makes them squeamish, the vast majority of U.S. males say they are rooting for the first-ever transplanted American penis to make a full and productive recovery.

And they’d really like a look at it.

According to a N.Y. Times poll conducted yesterday, more than 80% of adult males say they would privately click on a link to view pictures of the transplanted organ “just to see it with their own eyes”.Penis-Transplant-Organ-Transport-Sized“Really, honestly, total truth, I don’t make a habit of looking at other men’s penises but come on…this is like a medical marvel,” said one unnamed Manhattan man buying a pretzel near Times Square.

“I mean it’s a delicate topic and I really wish the guy well but if any harm ever comes to my own penis it’s reassuring to know I could get a new one…okay…um…a used one but like new to me.”

“For sure I’m curious and for sure I’d take a look at photographs — wouldn’t want my buddies to know I’d had a gander at it of course. That’d be pretty awkward,” said the 27-year-old bakery worker.Penis-Transplant-not-real-photoThe man who underwent the 15-hour transplant operation at Massachusetts General Hospital, Thomas Manning (64), told CNN that he is feeling well and is not bothered at all by people’s questions about the outcome of his procedure.

“It’s not insensitive or creepy creepy at all for people…especially men…to have genuine questions,” said Dr. Curtis L. Cetrulo, the plastic and reconstructive surgeon who headed up the surgical team.

“The first penis transplant took place in South Africa in 2014 but the procedure is still new and experimental and will greatly improve the lives of cancer patients and men who have had severe pelvic injuries for sure.”

“As expected, the most frequent question is about erection ability.  No big surprise there.”penis-transplant-diagram-Sized

“So to answer that — yes, we’re optimistic that full sexual function will be attained within a month or two following a successful penis transplant,” said Cetrulo.

“And to answer another frequent question — no, you will not be able to get a penis transplant to upsize.”

“Sorry guys.”

Robin Steele
Reportering for The Lapine