Male Leaders Go “Fashion Hissy” In Alberta Election


Liberal Party leader Raj Sherman has come out swinging against NDP leader Brian Mason for his lack of fashion sense in the raucous Alberta election.

“Brian is a nice guy but he wore a knit tie yesterday,” said Sherman.  “Albertans want their leader to look like a leader.  A knit tie?  Really?”

While the media have been very cautious not to comment on the fashion choices of front-running female leaders of the PC Party (Alison Redford) or Wildrose Party (Danielle Smith), much is being made of the wardrobe choices of the two male leaders.

“I shop at Moore’s,” admitted NDP leader Mason.  “Well made.  Well priced.  Well dressed.”

The NDP leader added that seeing Liberal leader Sherman and himself only as fashion statements is wrong.

“We should be talking about issues not the fact that Raj (Sherman) spends thousands of dollars at Harry Rosen,” he said.  “This isn’t the red carpet, although I see Danielle (Smith, leader of Wildrose) is wearing red every single day…this is an election for Pete’s sake, not a fashion show.”

Sherman’s Liberal Party campaign headquarters issued a brief statement to media saying, “The focus should be on Health Care, not the fact that Mr. Sherman prefers Boss, Armani, and Fred Perry suits and jackets, nor that his shoes are Prada.”

Recent media coverage has shown Sherman in up to three different outfits in a single day, while Mason has been photographed in the same clothing on successive days of campaigning.

“Mr. Sherman looks great in the softer colours that brighten up his smile,” said Estelle Larose, a media fashion consultant based in Toronto.  “He can make a business suit work for him in a board room or at a barbecue.  He’s fabulous to work with.”

Winnipeg-based style consulting firm Prairie Looks told The Lapine that NDP leader Mason has a “genuine look” that people can relate to.  “We all wear a pair of jeans with a casual single-button jacket for more than one day.  It’s real.  And as for the whole knit tie cheap shot from what’s his name…real people wear knit ties honey.”

Alison Redford’s PC Party and Danielle Smith’s Wildrose Party refused comment although a tweet from Wildrose appeared for less than 10 minutes before being taken down.  It read, “Smile on the runway.  Strut.  Strut.  Work it boys!”

Sherman’s office also denied that the party leader wore a dazzler to a recent fundraiser.


Steve Boyd

Reporting From The Lapine



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