Margaret Atwood to Shave Head to Protest Important Sexist Stuff


TORONTO — Canadian novelist and poet Margaret Atwood told a group of young writers at the University of Toronto today that she will shave her head “as bald as a pickeral’s bum” to protest against sexist lyrics in Canada’s national anthem and the lack of women on Canadian money.

“Relax. I’m not going to bare my bosom in protest, even though it’s all the rage right now,” Atwood (73) said to the luncheon crowd of more than 200.

“But I will lop off my mop top if it brings attention to women,” she said as she held out locks of her hair and mimicked a scissor cutting motion while doing plies around the lectern.

The Canadian national anthem has been criticized recently for the lyrics “in all thy sons command”, with calls for the words to be changed to “in all of our command”, or the less popular “in androgynous cooperation.”

Canadians have also raised the issue of there being no females on Canadian bank notes with the exception of Queen Elizabeth II. Recently the Royal Canadian Mint removed the suffragist Famous Five from the new $50 bill and replaced them with an image of the icebreaker Amundsen, which has long been decommissioned and is now a floating restaurant and paint-ball arcade in Halifax Harbour.

“Roberta Bondar, Laura Secord, Anne Murray, Elizabeth May, Alice Munro, Anne Shirley…all Canadian women who made an impact,” said Atwood.

“But they put a boat named after a man on our money?”

Atwood said she will announce a time and location for the symbolic haircut but says she has declined the offer from Tim Hortons to host the event.

I’m sure Tim Horton was a nice man but so is Kim Campbell and you don’t see a coffee shop named after her.”


Sue Dunum
Reportering for The Lapine



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