N.J. Governor Christie and Canadian Senator Duffy Exchange Diplomatic Pies


TORONTO – With diplomatic tensions between Canada and the United States reaching an uncomfortable level, two elder statesmen decided to hold a summit today to demonstrate goodwill between the two countries. 

Canadian Senator Mike Duffy and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie each rode Rascal Scooters to the Quebec-New Hampshire border to take part in the bilateral goodwill mission.

Senator Duffy told MSNBC that his scooter journey “took about nine hours if you include the stops at Timmies.” He also commented on the recent hot weather in stating that “I sweated through three shirts before we even left Ottawa, or wherever I live.”

Upon arrival at the border Duffy and Christie shared pie recipes as a gesture of international friendship, Governor Christie stating that “despite us Americans having the edge in terms of apple pie, those Canucks sure make a mean lemon meringue.”

When asked what his thoughts were on Governor Christie’s apple pie recipe Senator Duffy stated “I will eat anything.”

Governor Christie, whose nickname is Scooter, was seen smiling and stating that the exchange went out without a hitch and that he was excited to take the recipe back to the good people of New Jersey.

The success of this mission was deemed to be crucial in repairing the relationship between Canada and the US which has been strained in recent times due to policy disagreements. Both countries felt as though this was an opportunity to bolster relations.

A third party also benefited from the meeting, as Rascal Scooter’s CEO Tom Ridgulds stated that “once and for all we’ve proved that we have the best shocks and struts in the scooter game.”

Mike Duffy concluded that it was a great day for both countries and that the importance of a simple gesture should not go unnoticed in politics.

“I just hope the media doesn’t boil this down to a big fat joke,” he added as he added vanilla bean ice cream to a slice of apple pie.

Leslie Kitchner
Reportering for The Lapine



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