NRA Demands Private Ownership Of Military Aircraft, Tanks


The NRA has recently updated their goals to include achieving large-scale private ownership of military aircraft and tanks within the continental United States. This new shift is, in the words of NRA spokesmen Paul Stewart, “necessary to reflect the changing power dynamics of the 21st century”.

Since its conception, the NRA has justified private gun ownership, including possession of arms such as handguns whose sole purpose is to kill other people, as necessary to act as a bulwark against government tyranny. Indeed the American constitution enshrines the ‘right to bear arms’ required for a ‘well regulated militia’; so that it can act as a countermeasure to government power.  Ron Paul, a Republican Presidential candidate of 2012, declared that the right to bear arms “is the right to protect all other rights”.

Yet as Paul Stewart and the intellectuals of the NRA are beginning to realize, the world has changed since the 18th century. No longer can quickly raised militias of citizenry with small arms and determination fight foreign invasions and/or their own government. As cases such as Libya have aptly demonstrated, dissidents with rifles stand no chance without air support in the contemporary world. In  Libya, only an internationally enforced ‘no fly zone’ allowed the rebels to survive.

Aircraft are not the only weapons required to survive modern war, to quote the celebrated journalist Gwynne Dyer “Tanks and Artillery beat courage and small arms every time.” Therefore, for private weapon ownership to act as an obstacle to oppression, it must be extended to a militarily meaningful level. Tanks and Aircraft could be the first step of this.

An anonymous gun enthusiast we interviewed said he hoped that this was just the first step in a new direction for the NRA. “ Right now the government, the army, has all the power. We citizens need to take it back.  But I hope they go further than this against the socialists in Washington. Its still gonna be a pretty damn uneven playing field if only one side can have WMDs.”

We at The Lapine find it hard to argue with that.


Carl Welsenrey

Reporting From The Lapine