Palestinian Hackers Block Netflix to Israel — “Palestine Crossed the Line Here”


NetflixUnavailable2TEL AVIV – Fox News is reporting today that Palestinians have “asked for it” after Gaza cyber-hackers cut the Netflix feed to millions of Israelis in the middle of Orange is the New Black.

“Now they have gone too far,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Fox entertainer Sean Hannity.

“Surely the world will now see the Palestinians for what they really are…mean mouth-frothers bent on the total destruction of the Israeli way of life.”

“We were going to restore electricity and water to them as a goodwill gesture but they can kiss that goodbye.”

With tensions already at the boiling point following the murders of three young Israelis, the murder of one young Palestinian, the stepped-up bombings of Gaza that have killed an estimated 14 people, and the beating-up of a teenaged American, Netanyahu told Fox News that the world should demand justice and also stop boycotting Israeli avocados and artichokes.

“Toy Story 3 Blocked for Israeli Children by Palestine Terrorists,” read the headline beside Fox’s Bill O’Reilly as he appealed for saner heads to prevail.

“I can understand the Palestinian people being a little miffed at being a bit oppressed and a bit hungry with the whole food blockade thing,” said O’Reilly.

“But this is a new low.”

“In America, we take Netflix for granted and cannot support denying anyone in the world the right to binge watch their favorite shows.”

“I only hope the Palestinian leaders act decisively and restore access to all American shows quickly.”

A statement from White House spokesman Josh Earnest “earnestly urged” Israeli and Palestinian authorities to seek a diplomatic solution to this “new and concerning development.”

Dan LeHomme
Reportering for The Lapine



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