Palin, Cruz, Huckabee Caught by D.C. Police Crawling Under Fence to Crash Biden’s Tailgate Kegger


Biden2WASHINGTON — Seconds after the last words were spoken by President Obama in his State of the Union address last night, Vice President Joe Biden raced to the Congressional Parking Lot where he had secretly organized a beer and burger tailgate party to kick off the President’s announced Year of Action.

But the partying was briefly interrupted at shortly after 11:00 when D.C. Police caught Sarah Palin, Senator Ted Cruz and former politician Mike Huckabee crawling on their hands and knees through a muddy hole under the chain-link security fence.

“I can confirm that we detained three people for trespassing,” D.C. Police Sergeant Dave Delray told CNN.

“The three people were scraped up a bit from the muck and snow but uninjured. It is uncertain at this time if charges will be laid.”

The raucous music-filled tailgate party otherwise went off without a hitch and was attended by hundreds of Senators, Representatives, officials from both parties, a Supreme Court Judge, celebrites such as Tom Hanks and Dolly Parton, and even several visibly gay couples.

“Now why wouldn’t Sarah, Ted and Mike just be bipartisan and walk right in like the rest of us?” Biden joked to the crowd as he pulled off his tie and climbed up onto the tailgate of a wood-paneled, 1980s vintage Chevy Caprice stationwagon.

“Plenty of bean dip for everyone.”

MSNBC showed footage of Palin with a mud-splattered face shouting and gesturing wildly as she was escorted from the asphalt parking lot by two uniformed officers. Cruz and Huckabee can be seen walking quietly behind her.

“I am here to speak for our brave veterans who fought so hard for our right to have tailgate parties. And for the middle class too…I love the middle class,” Palin can be heard shouting as she was placed in a D.C. Police van.

FOX News is reporting that Palin will file charges against D.C. Police for violating her constitutional right of freedom of expression.

Dan LeHomme
Reportering for The Lapine



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