People with Bad Teeth on Growing List of Folks Arizona Businesses “Looking Forward” to Denying Service — Bill 1062


PHOENIX — The Center for Arizona Policy’s website has received thousands of messages urging Governor Jan Brewer to sign Bill 1062, the religious freedom law that has been heavily criticized as being thinly-veiled anti-gay legislation.

And while a large percentage of those comments support the right to refuse service to LGBT people, the Star Phoenix newspaper reports that dozens of other groups are being targeted on the website as well.

“I’m going to stop serving little short stumpy people. They really freak me out and that’s gotta be against my religion, right?” reads one message from L. Richards, Stop ‘n’ Shop.

“Gayers and lesbians for sure but what about those red-haired people? I mean the ones with really, really orange hair?” reads another signed with only the single name Doug.

According to the Star Phoenix, most of the more than 6,000 messages they were able to access seem to be from individual citizens or small businesses encouraging Brewer to enact the law so that they can decide who to serve or not to serve based on strongly-held religious beliefs.

The list published in today’s edition includes:
– “fatties”
– “people who only order a cup of coffee and then stink up the bathroom”
– people who wear sunglasses indoors
– teenagers who wear baseball caps backwards
– druggies, hippies, hipsters, rappers, anyone in paisley
– albinos
– “that albino that drives a blue Mazda truck”.

“Bill 1062 is about wholesomeness, not about excluding homos or whatever they call themselves these days,” the bill’s sponsor, Senator Steve Yarbrough (R), told NBC Affiliate 12 News.

“Those people have their own stores and restaurants they can go to and get served.”

“The people of Arizona are expressing their desire for Biblical values through the Centre for Arizona Policy that helped me write this law,” said Yarbrough.

“And that’s organ music to my ears.”

Sue Dunum
Reportering for The Lapine



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