Rand Paul Angrily Denies Being Born in Canada




WASHINGTON — Kentucky Republican Junior Senator Rand Paul abruptly walked out midway through the broadcast of Meet the Press after being asked several questions about rumors that he was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Host Chuck Todd switched from questioning Paul if he could find Iran on a map to asking the Senator if he had heard the rumors swirling around Washington that, like Ted Cruz, Paul was born in Canada.

“Crazy talk…I was born in Pittsburgh, PA,” Paul replied calmly.

But when Todd started laying out background details to support the rumor, Paul became visibly agitated.

Canada Customs and Immigration documents show that Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul and his wife Carol Wells entered the Province of Manitoba from North Dakota by car on January 5th, 1963. Under “Reason for Entering Canada”, the document states: “Dr. Paul and wife are protesting the U.S. Postal Service increase in the price of a postage stamp from 4 cents to a nickel.”



“That was two days before your birth Senator. Were you born in Canada?” pressed Todd.

“I like Toronto,” said Paul, looking off camera. “They have great bacon…”

“But Senator we have a birth certificate here that says a Randall Howard Paul was born at Winnipeg’s Grace Hospital on January 7th, 1963…” said Todd trying to hand Senator Paul a piece of paper.

“Look Senator Cruz of Texas was born in Calvary or someplace in Canada, but I was born in Pittsburgh,” said Paul, starting to stand.

“But we have a birth announcement from the Winnipeg Tribune…” continued Todd.

“Pittsburgh! Pittsburgh! Pittsburgh! I was born in Pittsburgh. As in Pitts. Burg!” Paul shouted over his shoulder as he walked out of camera range.


Paul did not realize his mic was still live and the NBC audience could hear the Senator swearing and referring to Chuck Todd as a “commie squirt in a bad suit” and Senator Cruz as a “foreign gas bag.”

Before the mic was finally cut, Senator Paul was heard asking an unidentified aide to “get the old man on the phone.”

Todd told viewers it was unclear if Paul was referring to his father, Senator Mitch McConnell, or House Speaker John Boehner.

Dan L’Homme
Reportering for The Lapine



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