RCMP Bodyguards ‘Briefly Detain’ Possible NDP Supporter at Harper Appearance



REGINA — A 73-year-old Saskatchewan man says he was just looking for the Smitty’s Restaurant yesterday when he accidentally wandered within 25 metres of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and found himself surrounded by the PM’s bodyguards.

“They were nice young men in sunglasses and asked me to show my Conservative Party membership card,” grandfather of four Eldwin Boychuck told the Regina Post from his home this morning.

“When I said I don’t have one, they took me over by the M&M Meats and asked for two pieces of government picture I.D.”

“I didn’t know what was going on. All I wanted was some buttermilk pancakes.”


“These young men stood in a circle around me until I showed them my driver’s license but that’s all I had. I got a bit flustered — my wife was waiting for me in Smitty’s,” said Boychuck talking to reporters from his Regina back yard.

Mall security confirm that Mr. Boychuck was detained for about 15 minutes while the plainclothes RCMP officers ran a “national database” search and then told him he was free to go with a caution.

“I asked them who the marching band was for but they wouldn’t tell me,” said Boychuck.

“But they kept asking me if I’ve ever been part of any radical group…oh dear. Me? I joked and said I had talked to a nice NDP lady who came to my door last week and they didn’t laugh.”

Harper-ConfettiRCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson issued a brief statement this morning apologizing to Prime Minister Harper.

“An elderly man who had not been vetted was questioned in Regina yesterday and was unable to produce proper identification to ensure he was not a threat to Mr. Harper,” Paulson told Canada AM.

“He somehow got past us and we have apologized to the Prime Minister and assured him it will not happen again.”


The Conservative Party has been widely criticized recently for allowing only card-carrying party members who pass a CSIS background check to attend Harper events.

“Let’s be clear here. Prime Minister Harper loves all Canadians,” said former Sun News executive and Conservative Party election spokesman Kory Teneycke.

“He wants to shake the hands of as many patriotic voters as he can and, in that pursuit, we have removed the gag order for anyone approved to get near him.”

“Claims that we have done body and cavity searches are exaggerated.”

Lee Whey
Reportering for The Lapine




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