Republicans All Mispronounce ‘Quesadilla’ When Talking About Immigration Reform


NEW YORK — The Sunday political talk shows have been tackling the thorny issue of illegal immigrants the last few weeks, primarily with regards to alien Mexicans.

But as the Republican Party works hard to show their kinder side on proposed changes to immigration policy, the New York Times reported today that there’s one Mexican word that has their tongues stumped.


“Look. I have nothing against our little Mexican neighbors,” House Speaker John Boehner said on Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace.

“Most weekends I have a Quaysadillla or two.”

“Some of my best friends are Mexicans.”

The Times article cited 9 instances when Republicans “tried to connect with Mexicans in America” by saying they like their food.

“Republicans had no problem with Taco or Refried Beans,” wrote political reporter Stan Gerhardt.

“But they all mouth-mangled quesadilla. It’s ka-se-dee-ya, not quay-sa-dill-ah.”

“They must have all attended the same briefing.”

With an estimated 11 million Mexican citizens living and working in the United States without legal status, Congress, the Senate, and the White House have been deadlocked on how to “fix” illegal immigration control. Much of the debate has been focused on how high to build the border defense wall.

“I sat down and had a quaysadilla with my gardener just last week,” Texas junior Senator Ted Cruz told Face the Nation’s host Bob Schieffer.

“A bit spicy for my tastes but it’s pretty much all they eat down there.”

Quesadillas are among the staple foods in Mexico and are on the all-you-can-eat menu every Tuesday at Chili’s and are just $1.99 at Taco Bell.

“I actually own a sombrero,” Minnesota Congressperson Michele Bachmann told Dave Gregory on Meet the Press.

“And I like nothing better than getting home after a hard day fighting to put God back into America than kicking off my Jimmy Choo’s and tucking into a few quaysadillas.”

The New York Times article also flagged potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush for pronouncing ‘chimichangas’ as ‘chimichunggers.’

Dan LeHomme
Reportering for The Lapine



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