Should Obama be Impeached, Sued or Just Deported? — Fox News Survey Results


ObamaFoxNews NEW YORK — In an impartial poll deemed accurate 20 times out of 19, Fox News reported today that their viewers are split over the 3 options to reign in U.S. President Barack Obama.

44% voted to Impeach.
43% voted to Sue.
27% voted to Deport.

More than 58% of write-in comments said Obama should be “empeeched” or “inpeached” according to the New York Times.

“I have nothing personal against Obama except he’s an egotistical asshole,” said Fox entertainer Sean Hannity on his show, Sean Hannity Starring Sean Hannity.

“Look. We tried to be fair with this poll.”

“We had a fourth option to arrest the President but that seemed unfair and a bit over the top.”


With President Obama’s support numbers hovering in the low 40s, the move to oust him from office led by Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and Israeli Prime Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be divided on a course of action. An editorial in the WSJ two days ago asked why American taxpayers are “being burdened” with paying for Obama’s weekly manicures/pedicures and suggested the President be charged with expense violations.

“Has nobody else noticed that Obama has started wearing pantsuits like Hillary Clinton?” Hannity asked at the end of today’s broadcast.

“Any man who dresses in women’s clothing should not be President. Period.”

Republican House Speaker John Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama for “abuse of executive powers and other stuff” was finally filed today in Texas courts and Hannity called it a “good first step for America to get its mojo back.”

Fox News began surveying viewers today asking:

“Should Obama be forced to wear men’s clothing, or allowed to wear women’s pantsuits, stockings and high heels?”

Lee Whay
Reportering for The Lapine



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