Simpsons Accused of Stereotyping Fat, Dumb People


NEW YORK — The Simpsons have a new, jumbo-size-with-fries controversy that makes the stereotyping of Indian-American shopkeeper Apu seem like small potatoes.

Lovable and hefty main character Homer was called out at a media conference today for being a “very unflattering” stereotype of fat, dumb Americans.

And now the self-titled ‘Fat and Dumb Americans’ (FADA) group is making their voices heard. 

“In every episode, Homer sucks back a whole bottle of squeezy mayonnaise, wolfs down giant subs in a single bite, burns his college diploma, or gets both arms stuck in a vending machine because he is too stupid to let go of the candy,” said Bob Sancresh, a spokesperson for the newly-formed FADA.“It is clear what Homer is meant to be.  A cruel stereotype.  He is fat — he is dumb — he is a fat, dumb American,” said Sancresh, himself a fat, dumb American tub of lard.

The rotund dim-bulb told the New York Times earlier today that FADA is sick and tired of how Homer is profiled, portrayed and treated. 

“He ends up being the big butt end of all the jokes. Everyone loves to see fatty fall down a gorge, get his head stuck in a weight machine, become President of the United States, or get repeatedly nut-sacked by snow moguls while skiing down a hill.”“However, this is an unfair representation.  I, for one, have never tried to switch my lights off with a gun, or deliberately become so obese I could only work from home.  Also, us fat dumb people don’t really say “D’oh” all the time.” 

FADA claims that this problem goes deeper then just the Simpsons, however. 

“It really is one of the last acceptable forms of discrimination…it’s out and out fatism!!” said another FADA fat-ass while reluctantly sharing a tray of cinnamon sticky buns with reporters.“I can’t turn on the TV or watch a movie without finding another fat or dumb character being made fun of.  Homer, Peter Griffin, Rebel Wilson, anyone that Zach Galif-something guy from The Hangover plays, the list goes on and on and on.”

Sancresh told reporters that Fat and Dumb Americans are planning a protest and awareness march in the coming days but no firm date has been set.  However, some FADA members told reporters off the record that it is doubtful that the roly-polies have either the energy or the smarts to get it done.

Michael McManus — Reportering for The Lapine