South Africa Proud of Its Transformation to Country Dominated by Corrupt Elite of ALL Colors


Driving through a wealthy suburb of Johannesburg today, our correspondents were pleased to see rich people of all colors living in gated communities inaccessible to most of the despondent population. This newfound mixed elite has helped violently put down ongoing labor movements, cementing inequality, in a affirming display of class solidarity. The harried servants and gated pools of the new 1% speak of a life of elite privilege, which in a modern triumph is no longer distinguished purely by race.

Similarly, a string of scandals involving rich black South Africans pillaging the country, would have been impossible even twenty years ago. Now there is a new black elite, and they are allowed to pillage the poor as ruthlessly as their white counterparts. A rich black man is now as immune to the law as a rich white man, in an affirming victory for equality.

Unfortunately, there are holdouts amongst the poor who do not seem to understand that a society dominated by a corrupt elite of ALL colors is clearly a great transformation from a country dominated by a corrupt elite of one color. This is something that the now-rich leaders of the ANC, back when they were poor and fighting apartheid, could have hardly dreamed of. May the whole world share the pride of a South Africa that has so transformed itself.


Jehmal LeCress

Reportering For The Lapine




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