Spelling is Kinda Important — Sarah Palin to Tea Party Supporters


WASHINGTON, DC — Continuing her push to position Republicans as “the thinking party,” former half-term Alaska Governor and failed VP candidate Sarah Palin today urged Tea Party supporters to think about how to spell words before taking their magic markers to picket signs.

“There is only one ‘t’ in Hitler,” Palin told a small but vocal group of Tea Party supporters gathered near the Lincoln Memorial.

“It’s ‘impeach’ not ‘impeech’. And it’s ‘Muslim president’ not ‘Muslin president.'”

“I know spelling’s complicated but really, really try.”

The gathering was expected to draw upwards of 50,000 registered Tea Party supporters but the Washington Post estimated the crowd at 11, although one man appeared to be only there to sell bratwursts.

“The most important issue for the Tea Party right now is spelling. Not taxes. Not gay people attacking Christians. Not willy-nilly free abortions. Spelling,” Palin told the cluster of mostly bearded men.

“We look weeny-brained when we spell Constitution Constatution.”

Social media has posted thousands of examples of Tea Party signs with spelling errors including:

“Speak Englesh or Go Home”
“We have the right to bare arms”
“Shuve your taxes Obama”
“One natoin under God”

At the conclusion of Palin’s 20-minute speech, Tea Party members handed out flyers to media and people walking by.

The headline read: “Our Founding Fourfathers Were Against Big Government.”

Dan LeHomme
Reportering for The Lapine



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