Thousands Of Criminals Arrested As They Attempt To Register Illegal Firearms


Bill C-68: An Act Respecting Firearms And Other Weapons, came into effect in 1995 and has since forced gun owners to register their fire arms. The Conservative Party of Canada has long criticized the bill as inefficient and ineffective; claiming that the bill wastes money and does not actually protect Canadians. Yet now, after over fifteen years, they may be finally proved wrong.

In what is a striking victory for left wing Canadians, An Act Respecting Firearms And Other Weapons, has produced definitive unarguably positive results. On Febuary 14th thousands of criminals were arrested in what may be the largest RCMP operation in Canadian history. Ever since the bill’s inception, police forces have been gathering lists of gangsters and smugglers as they registered their illegal weapons with Canada’s Federal Firearms Safety Board. In Febuary, after years of gathering data, they finally moved in and arrested thousands of suspects who had registered illegal weapons.

In the words of RCMP commissioner William Elliot, “these arrests may have finally broken the back of organized crime in Canada”. When asked about the future of crime in Canada, Mr. Elliot jokingly replied “What? Crime?” Yet the Commissioner paled considerably when a critical thinking journalist asked him what that implied to his own career prospects and indeed the careers of all those in law enforcement. After a lengthy pause, Mr. Elliot answered that perhaps they would have to simply expand the parameters of what it meant to be criminal, by, among other things recriminalizing marijuana. “After all”, the Commissar said “at least we aren’t legalizing drugs or adopting a smarter more liberal European-like drug policy, now that I tell you would kill my job”.

Our intrepid reporters took to the hardened streets of Montreal to find out, from actual criminals, how Bill C-68 was affecting them. “It’s killing my business, now every time I smuggle a truck full of guns across the border, I have to register them. But soon as I register them I’ll be arrested.” Is what, minus several offensive expletives, one former smuggler, who asked not to be named, reported.

An inner city youth who went by the name of ‘Big O’, said that the new legislation would stop him from buying the handgun he had always coveted. “After all” he explained, “if I bought a handgun illegally I’d have to register it, and then I’d be caught and go to jail. Man I can’t go to jail like my homies, I just can’t.”

So it would appear like Bill C-68: An Act Respecting Firearms And Other Weapons, despite the hot debated and controversy upon its conception, has been a resounding success. How will this affect the current political climate in Ottawa? Will the conservatives lose popularity for opposing such a measure? Will the jobs of our brave law enforcement officers be safe? Today The Lapine will leave the groundless speculation to you.

Jim Paxton

The Lapine’s Senior Political Analyst