Toronto Police Fire Tasers at Deaf, Off-Leash Cocker Spaniel


TORONTO — Toronto Police fired five taser shots at an off-leash, nine-year-old cocker spaniel today after responding to a “dog roaming at large” call.

The Police tasers “failed to make contact” and the dog, Schmoo, was unharmed.

The incident took place in a school yard in the 1800 block of Gerrard St. East and cell phone video images show four Toronto Police Service officers shouting loudly, “Get on the ground. Get on the ground,” before firing tasers at a very small dog that seemed unaware of the commotion around it.

“Schmoo is totally deaf you see. She just carried on having her little plop,” said Deb deMotta, a friend of Schmoo’s owner who lives across the street from the school and was part way across the field walking the arthritic dog.

“I’d just gotten out my little zip-lock baggie to scoop up her…you know…when all these police arrived shouting and zapping away. But Schmoo just kept in her little squat and didn’t notice a thing.”

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair said the officers responded to a 911 call and there was no way the officers could have known that Schmoo was deaf when she disobeyed orders, forcing all four officers to fire at her. One officer was taped firing a second taser.

“The dog was running amok in a school yard. We take amok dogs seriously,” Blair told the Toronto Star.

Schmoo has been released into the custody of her owners by animal services and TPS says charges are pending.

“Schmoo is home sleeping on the couch now,” said owner Louise Carter.

“She really has no idea her bowel movement walkie caused such an uproar.”

William Yum
Reportering for the Lapine



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