Trudeau “Giddy” Harper Has Accepted His Friend Request on Facebook


Harper-Trudeau-Scowl-Sized-BigOTTAWA — An excited Justin Trudeau told CTV’s Canada AM this morning that he and Prime Minister Harper have begun sharing photos of their cats and some good-natured slander about Thomas Mulcair since becoming Facebook Friends last week.

“Are Stephen and I chummy now? Yeah, I guess you could say we’ve become close pals since we realized that we agree on pretty much everything except marijuana,” Trudeau told Canada AM host Beverly Thomson.

“Now he gets on Facebook Chat with me and ribs me about my hair. Then I rib him about his hair right back. That sort of thing. It’s a hoot.”

“He’s actually very funny. Some of his stories about how he “balanced” the budget are hilarious. And his Bill C-51 jokes like totally slay me. LOL.”


With polls showing both the Liberals and Conservatives trailing the NDP, the Globe and Mail is calling the blossoming Trudeau/Harper friendship a “bromance hook-up we should have seen coming”.

Maclean’s Magazine had been calling Trudeau the “fresh-ideas politician” who could possibly oust Harper from office but Trudeau’s continued support of Harper legislation, particularly the anti-terrorism act, Bill C-51, has led to his approval ratings dropping to just under 17% with many former supporters calling for him to “grow a spine” and a pair of dangling male body parts.


“I said to Stephen…he told me I could call him Stephen…I said Stephen, what are we fighting about all the time?” Trudeau said.

“We agree Bill C-51 is a brilliant stroke. We agree on shutting down anybody who refuses to buy artichokes from Israel. We agree that oil companies are our friends.”

“And…hahaha…we sure agree that Mulcair is like some sort of scabby socialist STD…but just a flash in the pan we’re sure.”

“He agreed and we’ve been buddies since.”

Canada AM host Thomson said she was taken by surprise by Trudeau’s admission that he has become such close friends with Harper given that they both want to be Prime Minister.

“I pointed out to Mr. Trudeau that the national “Anybody But Harper” movement has changed its name to “Anybody But Harper or Mini-Me Trudeau” but he just carried on talking about his buddy Stephen.”

“Watch the tape. He was flat out giddy.  Giggling and everything.  It’s kinda hard to watch actually.”

Sue Dunum
Reportering for The Lapine



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