Trudeau Charged by Ottawa Police with Illegal Possession of Lawn Darts



OTTAWA — Ottawa Police today served a search warrant and raided the home of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau looking for marijuana but came away almost empty-handed.

They did not find any marijuana but did find a “recently-used” set of lawn darts in the garage “stashed away beneath a Tickle Me Elmo kiddies’ wading pool.”

Steel-tipped lawn darts have been illegal in Canada since 1989 and in the U.S. since 1988.

“Mr. Trudeau was hand-cuffed and apprehended without resistance or incident at his home and has been charged,” said Ottawa Police spokesperson James Watson at a media conference immediately following the arrest.


“This is a serious breach of the law. These lawn darts can slice a toe or two clean off…even through a sneaker,” said Watson, waving one of the seized, twelve-inch, red-plastic-finned darts in the air.

According to Ottawa Police, the search warrant cited “continued public admissions by Mr. Trudeau to having inhaled or injected marijuana, a banned substance, thereby committing a federal crime.” The warrant did not mention lawn darts.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office declined to comment on the arrest or the rumours that Harper himself had signed the search warrant.  Harper recently referred to Trudeau as a “druggie with glazed eyes and annoying droopy lips” and attacked the Liberal leader for “flouting the laws of my country.”

Trudeau, who has said in the past that he will push to make marijuana possession legal in Canada if elected as Prime Minister, was still in custody awaiting release at the time of this story.

Possession of lawn darts in Canada is a misdemeanor. There is no mandatory minimum sentence.

William Yum
Reportering for The Lapine




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