Trudeau Getting Eggo Waffles in the Mail from University Students


Eggo-Wafflers-SizedOTTAWA — Young, mostly first-time voters have been slamming Justin Trudeau on social media for his waffling support of anti-terrorism Bill C-51 and today students from a number of universities across the country began showing their anger in a very unusual way.

With frozen waffles.

Thousands and thousands of Eggo Waffles to be exact.eggo-waffles-fruit-loops“Blueberry, strawberry, buttermilk…doesn’t matter. We’re sending Trudeau as many Eggos as Canada Post can handle,” 22-year-old University of Toronto arts student Kaylie Scott told CTV this morning.

“Our message to Trudeau is grow a fucking spine man.”Eggo-Waffles-Flip-Flop“Stop supporting Bill C-51 out one side of your mouth and mumbling out the other side of your gob that the bill takes away dozens of rights from all Canadians but…hey…just vote for me and I’ll fix it all up when I become Prime Minister.”

“Ain’t going to happen JT.”

“You’re toast if you don’t start standing up to Harper…okay that mixes metaphors. Waffles. Toast. But you get what I mean.”eggo-waffles-transformersFrom the University of Victoria on the west coast to Memorial University of Newfoundland in the east, more than 4,000 students have joined the growing twitter campaign and signed up to mail, Fed-Ex, or hand-deliver Eggo Waffles to Trudeau’s Ottawa office according to the Toronto Star and Ottawa Citizen.

Organizers are hoping the hashtag #wafflethistrudeau will catch on with young Canadians and become as widely used as the popular #fuharper and #HeaveSteve.


“Yeah, we know the Eggos will thaw before Trudeau gets them,” first-year McGill student Denis Bouchier told the Montreal Gazette.

“But Trudeau better give his curly-haired head a shake if he thinks he can have his C-51 waffle and eat it too.”

Polls this week are showing that support for the Liberals among young voters and women is continuing to drop with the majority of those voters saying they will vote NDP if Thomas Mulcair stops shouting all the time.

William Yum
Reportering for The Lapine



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