TV News Coverage of Donald Trump to Include “Viewer Discretion” Warnings in Canada


Donald-Trump-Canadian-Flag-SizedNEW YORK — Canada’s three largest broadcasters have begun dealing with Donald Trump in a way that many American networks only wish they could.

CBC, CTV, and Global Television announced today that they have taken the unprecedented step of warning viewers that news clips of Trump “may contain exaggerations or outright fibs”.

The move was driven by the networks receiving thousands of complaints that Mr. Trump is a “lying nutter with a gassy ego” according to Troy Reeb, Vice President of News at Global.Donald-Trump-Canada-HatMay contain outright fibs? Ha! We wanted to say “contains utter bull shite” but we couldn’t get that approved,” said Reeb.

“Our fact checkers were splitting their sides laughing but every once in a while they would catch their breaths and tell us we had to warn viewers that Mr. Trump is a ranting bigot who makes up 90% of everything he says. More than 90% actually.

“So we tagged Mr. Trump as a wing nut and a wanker.”Donald-Trump-F-You-Face-Sized-Small“But we’re not making judgmental comments on the U.S. election at all. We’re just alerting our viewers that Donald Trump is bloody bonkers.”

The on-screen and announcer-read warnings began appearing on newscasts this morning and the wording is very Canadian in style:

“Hey. Sorry to interrupt your viewing. The following contains material that could not be verified as even a wee bit true. It also contains bullying that may be offensive and damned annoying to some. Viewer discretion is advised. Thank you and have a nice day.”


Phil King, President of CTV Programming, said his company considered moving Trump news to an entertainment or sports show but ultimately decided that would be jarring and unfair to those viewers.

“Mr. Trump is a total white-arse isn’t he? For me personally, the last straw was him telling “real Americans” to call the police on any new neighbours they don’t like the looks of,” said King.Viewer-Discretion-AdvisedTrump took to Twitter twice today in response to the Canadian broadcasters’ Viewer Discretion move:

@realDonaldTrump. I see Canadian news stations @CTVNews, @CBCNews, @Global_Television are out to get me. Who cares? Are they Communists or just Socialists? Bernie Sanders should move there.”

@realDonaldTrump. My reply to @CBCNews question: “I tried to phone your new guy @JustinTrudeau to tell him I could make Canada great again too but he wouldn’t take my call. Not going to say anything bad about him though. But he’s sure pretty.”

Dan LeHomme
Reportering for The Lapine




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