Twitter Chops Letter Count to 100 — Or Join “Tweeter Club” to Remain at 140


SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Tweets will be getting shorter for anyone who doesn’t fork over $20 for a monthly “Tweeter Club” membership the social networking site announced today.

Since Twitter launched in 2006 users have had 140 characters to gossip about their new co-worker who has a seriously bad hair style that is so yesterday.

Now dishing the dirt will have to be done in 100 characters or less if you don’t become a Tweeter Cluber.

“Not all our Tweeters are gas bags who use the full 140 characters,” CEO Dick Costolo told Wired Magazine in making the announcement.

“But if you’re a long-winded yak in your Tweets, our Tweeter Club is affordable and you get a free t-shirt.”

With 1.6 billion messages a day worldwide, Twitter is looking to improve on their 2013 earnings of $720 million. Costolo admitted he is unsure how many of the site’s 225 million users will join the Club but says the publically-traded company is also considering a Tweeter Super Club that would allow users 160 characters for “around $40 a month…cheap really.”

“We have to do what’s best for our shareholders,” said Costolo.

Twitter posted examples of ways users can still communicate effectively with 100 characters through simple editing and the shortening of words:

140-Character Tweet Example:

I was going to have the tuna melt for lunch but damn tempted by Italian sausage. Tried that mint-flavor dental floss this morning. Delicious.

NEW Way to Tweet the Same Message in 100 Characters:

Want 2 have tuna mlt 4 lnch but d tempty by wop ssage. Tried mint flvr dntl flss this a.m. Tsts good.

San Antonio marketing research firm Pear Analytics reports that 40% of Twitter traffic is “pointless babble” (Wikipedia) but admits that “people thrive on babble and twaddle.” The most commonly tweeted topics are the weather, food, gossip and “the size of various body parts on other people.”

CNN reported today that Twitter, tumblr and Facebook have been flooded with angry messages and 13 people were pepper-sprayed and arrested at a protest outside Twitter’s California head office.

Symbolically, 140 people attended the protest carrying signs with 140 characters.

Daniel Springer
Reportering for The Lapine



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