Walmart Accepting Gently-Used Clothing Donations to Help Minimum Wage Employees With Kids



BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS — Heavily criticized for reaping record profits while paying employees minimum wages, Walmart said today that it is not heartless and is taking immediate steps to help the children of its 1.7 million North American workers.

The largest employer in North America announced that it will now have donation drop-off bins for “loved and cared for” clothing in the Children’s Wear departments of its stores with all items going to Walmart employees.

“Our workers have adorable kids, and now each of our 5,500 stores across America and Canada will allow shoppers to lend a helping hand to those children,” read a statement from Wal-Mart Stores Inc. signed by Alice Walton (64), daughter of founder Sam Walton and one of the largest family shareholders.

“This is another way we help people save money and live better. This feels good and is the right thing to do.”

Walmart-Older-Employee-SizedWith annual sales topping $340 billion in North America, Walmart says they will be accepting clothing for children up to age 6 that does not have any inappropriate logos or messages, specifically anything related to rap or hip-hop music, marijuana, homosexuality, atheism, Planned Parenthood, or Costco.

“And to really help out, we’ve rolled back the price on six-packs of I’M A BIG BOY NOW and I’M A BIG GIRL NOW pull-up underwear on sale for only $9,” said Ron L. White, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Shoppers who forget to bring their clothing donation can buy a few of these right on the spot and still help out our employees’ children.”

Walmart will also be accepting cash donations for its new Save-An-Adorable-Abandoned-Puppy program.

William Yum
Reportering for The Lapine



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