Wearing an Adult Diaper While Binge-Watching All Part of the Fun — Survey



NEW YORK — Netflix and Depends For Grown-Ups released the findings of a nationwide survey today showing that the majority of adults who binge-watch TV say they hate being interrupted once they get in their zone.

So they turn off their phones, park themselves in front of their TVs, and surround themselves with salty snacks and multiple beverages.

And more than 1/4 of them put on adult diapers.

“No way I’m stopping to pee once I get into the third season of House of Cards,” said one survey respondent who said it’s actually kind of fun having a sopping wet crotch.

“I don’t even want to think about my bladder…or my bowels for that matter.”


“Doing it in my pants is part of the whole TV binge-watching experience…I mean I don’t really notice when it happens but it adds a little something if you want to know the truth.”

Netflix tracking studies show that a significant percentage of their viewers watch in stretches exceeding 7 hours. And when Kimberly-Clark (also the makers of Huggies Not For Grown-Ups) launched their new Depends “8-Hour Pull-Ups With A Whiff of Lilac”, both companies saw mutual marketing opportunities.

“A lot of our viewers ask us to recommend a long-lasting adult diaper,” said Netflix Customer Service Director Sandra Bellows.

“Something that can handle at least two six-packs of beer or half a box of wine.”


“So we teamed up with the fine folks at Depends to do research and find out how big our binge-watching, pants-peeing audience is.”

“Who knew so many people piss their pants over some of our shows?”

As a result of the survey findings, new subscribers to Netflix now get a complimentary weekend-pack of Depends For Grown-Ups, and specially-marked packages of Depends include a coupon for one month of free Netflix.

Sue Dunum
Reportering for The Lapine