Westboro Baptist Church Runs Contest to Find New Things for God to Hate


TOPEKA, KS — Daller Phelps-Roper is the 19-year-old grandson of Westboro Baptist Church* Pastor Fred Phelps and he thinks that “GOD HATES FAGS” on signs and t-shirts is no longer attracting young people to the church.

So with the help of his mother Shirley and 10 siblings, Daller is putting his social media skills to work and running an online contest to hear what “God-fearing young Americans” want God to hate next.

“It’s still cool to hate fags just like God does, but that’s getting tired as far as recruiting teenagers and pre-teens goes,” said Daller at a meeting of the WBC Youth Chapter this afternoon.

“We tried just using different words for fags…you know like, GOD HATES POOFIES or GOD HATES FIGURE SKATING, but nothing really clicked.”

Protesting primarily against homosexuality or anything remotely associated with it, WBC says they make appearances in all 50 states at least once a calendar year but have repeatedly been refused entry into Canada. The WBC has had difficulty attracting new members since community groups began blocking the WBC’s picketing of funerals.

“We’re looking for something new and fresh for God to absolutely Hate,” Daller told MSNBC.

“Something exciting that will capture the imaginations of young people. And if their entry is chosen, we’ll send them 100 of our famous signs with their winning hate words on them.”

The contest site includes a long list of “Previously Hated” groups that entrants cannot duplicate, including “Homos, Lesbians, Jews, Soldiers, Firemen, Catholics, Short People, Catholics, Men Named Dick” and dozens more.

To comment or enter, click on the “WHAT ELSE DOES GOD HATE CONTEST” at either of the following sites:

“It’s not limited to just fags…go wild! GOD HATES PEDICURES…okay, that’s a tad faggy. GOD HATES TUBE SOCKS…okay, that one too. GOD HATES RETIRED PEOPLE! GOD HATES CONTRACEPTING WOMEN! There’s lots!”

“Have some fun with this,” Deller says on both web sites. “God hates lots of fun stuff.”

Sue Dunum
Reportering for The Lapine
*WBC has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.



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